Installation of fire extinguishing systems

We install all fire extinguishers with professional skill. Our employees are trained professionals and have years of experience in installing a wide range of fire extinguishing systems. We are a responsible installation company for fire extinguishing systems and our operations are approved by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Tukes. Our project leaders ensure that the fire extinguishing systems are installed according to plans and requirements. We install fire extinguishing systems for both new buildings and renovation sites. If necessary, we will draw up an installation certificate of the installation work we have carried out. We often implement projects as turnkey contracts, which means that we are responsible for the implementation of the project from designing to commissioning.

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Skilled technicians

Our skilled and experienced professionals install the fire extinguishing systems carefully, according to the plans and agreed schedule. We implement many of our projects as turnkey contracts. Our customers can rely on the professional skill of our staff at all stages of the sprinkler design contract. We keep our staff’s competence up to date through measures such as training. Our employees have the necessary qualifications and permits for sprinkler design projects.