Fire extinguishing systems for challenging conditions

We design fire extinguishing systems that meet the requirements and are suitable for challenging and large-scale applications, such as power plants, sheltered accommodation, educational institutions and commercial premises.

We have years of experience and strong technical expertise in designing fire extinguishing systems. We design fire extinguishing systems for new buildings and renovated sites everywhere in Finland.

During the design phase, we take into account the building’s fire safety requirements, structures, nature of operations and users. Our experienced designers choose the best fire extinguishing system or combination of fire extinguishing systems for your site from a variety of options. The right fire extinguishing system ensures that the premises, equipment and people are protected. If necessary, we will prepare a report on the fire extinguishing equipment for the building permit process.

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Fire extinguishing systems

Sprinkler system

A sprinkler system is suitable for a wide range of applications. The sprinkler system is an efficient, reliable and affordable option for a fire extinguishing system. The sprinkler automatically starts to extinguish the fire with a pressurised spray of water.

Water mist systems

A water mist system, with either low or high pressure, needs less water than a sprinkler system to extinguish a water, but it does it just as efficiently. Due to its compact volume, the water mist system is suitable for smaller spaces that can withstand water.

Gaseous systems

An automatic gaseous fire extinguishing system is suitable for spaces with valuable equipment (servers, switchboards, archives) that could be damaged by water or fire foam. The gas chokes the fire quickly and efficiently without causing water damage.

Foam systems

Foam extinguishing is an effective and efficient way of preventing the combustion of liquids and the spreading of the fire. A foam extinguishing system is particularly suitable for spaces containing a lot of flammable liquids or other material that cannot be extinguished with water. 

Fire water systems

A fire water system ensures the supply of extinguishing water in the event of a fire. The fire water system can include pumping stations, pipelines and fire water stations through which the fire water is directed to the site of the fire.

Fire monitor systems

Fire monitor systems are used when extreme extinguishing power is required. Fire monitor systems are usually fixed and designing them requires precise expertise. We design both the devices and the controls of fire monitor systems.